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Collections Information – Handwritten

  (CON) [A]3, B-Bb2, B-Z2, Aa1, Bb-Rr2, B-X2, A1, B-O2, A-E2, F1, Contents. Engraved frontispiece; [A]1r Title, verso blank; [A]2rv To the Readers; [A]3r The Actors Names, [A]3v Prologue; B1r-Bb2r Text, ìThe Female Wits,î Bb2v Epilogue; B-Aa1v Text, The Presence.î Bb1r-Rr2r Text, ìThe Scenes,î Rr2v The Actors Names (to ìThe Bridalî); B1r-X2v Text, ìThe Bridals,î […]

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